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About us

Royal Exporters is positioned with leading Suppliers in the market, serving customers with the best and finest Jaggery. we are parted into different segments and one of them is warehouse wherein we maintain a large stock for meeting bulk requirements of the clients.

“ The Jaggery , offered by us, is high on counts of quality, taste, purity and nutritive value. It is processed using high-grade sugarcane under the most hygienic conditions. The Jaggery, provided by us, is prepared from quality sugarcane without any use of chemicals and by adopting hygienic methods. The Jaggery, we offer, is rich in minerals and vitamins.”

The clients can avail the Jaggery from us at the most reasonable price. With the great support of our in-house storage facility, we are capable to undertake bulk and urgent requirements of the customers.This facility helps us in keeping the stock away from dust, moisture, rain and others damaging factors.


Features Royal Exporters

We do not produce any other crops in our farm, but we are producing only sugarcane to produce Jaggery. We choose the full growth of twelve months growth of sugarcane. It helps to increase the amount of taste. The importance of sugarcane is the water of the taste, which is the result of sugarcane of in CAUVERY river flows.

“ Similarly, we choose is full growth sugarcane only. Some places do that, to include the soda for use of remove the Jaggery's dirts. But we do not have the soda products to clean the Jaggery. We use juice of ladyfingers for the clean of Jaggery's dirts.”

We are producing more high quality (s.s 304 grade) stainless in cauldron Jaggery produced by others. We use a high quality machine to prevent tumors while making Jaggery. And even tiny tumors get bored. This will soon dissolve in milk, tea and coffee immediately. When you get tired you can "Just eat it ". We test the veracity of our jaggery's purity, in front of customers, we prove our product quality. We produce the quality materials to improve health. We produce only the naturally available materials without using any artificial material. We provide different taste of flavour. Natural flavour, cardamom flavour, dried ginger flavour. Tea and coffee alternatively, we will prepare three types of powdered, powder such as Guava leaf, hibiscus leaf and mango leaf. These three things are good for health. Additionally, if you add the Jaggery Powder and drink it, then your body will be active.